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Dedolight Mobile DLED4.1-D LED Light

$40 p/d

The 5,600K daylight balance blends in seamlessly in outdoor situations and is ideal for location and ENG work, and as is characteristic of LED sources, generates negligible heat. 

Includes 240v power supply and 12v power supply. 


Dedolight DLH-4 150 Watt Spotlight

$35 p/d

The optical system of the Dedolight surpasses the traditional concept of studio lights with fresnel lenses. The Dedolight optical system employs two lenses - neither of which is a fresnel. The second lens pre-collects the light, directing it to the front lens and minimizing light loss. This produces unprecedented focusing range and light efficiency, especially in the spot position.

Includes Dedolight dichroic daylight conversion filter.

Westcott Flex 1-Light Daylight Kit

$35 p/d

Flex 1-Light Daylight Kit from Westcott is built around the 10 x 10", 1/4" thick, pliable Flex LED Daylight Panel. The kit also includes a multi-voltage power supply, dimmer, power cord X-Frame Clip Mount, 1/4" Diffusion Front, D-Tap cable and a Dimmer Extension Cable.

Multiple kits available. 


Chimera Video Pro Plus Softbox - Medium 36x48" (90 x 120 cm)

$30 p/d

The "Plus" designation of this softbox means the front face of the softbox is removable. Chimera makes different strengths of diffusion material for front face applications. This softbox comes with 3 diffuser fronts. These will allow more light transmission and help to make the light more specular, or "less soft."

Includes barn doors, 3 diffuser fronts, full CTB, 1/2 CTO & full CTO.

Chimera Pancake Lantern Softbox with Skirt

$25 p/d

This is a Medium 35" (90cm) square x 17" (43cm) deep Pancake Lantern, which takes up less space than a traditional Lantern Softbox. This Pancake Lantern includes a skirt, which limits the spread of the light output, and adds a dramtic effect between light and shadow.

Matthews RoadRags II Kit (24x36")

$25 p/d

This Matthews RoadRags II Kit is a portable lighting modification system that helps you to quickly and easily duplicate studio lighting effects on location, using your portable lights. The elastic corded frames easily fold for storing and transporting. A simple "flick of the wrist" is all that's required to quickly open the frame making it ready to use.

Kit includes two 24x36" folding frames. Single & double scrims. Artificial silk, flag and case

Matthews Solid Digital Green Screen (8 x 8')

$30 p/d

The Matthews Solid Digital 8 x 8' Green Screen is a must for anyone who shoots digital/video photography. This handy background for digital and video shooting can be rapidly mounted or removed using the ergonomic nylon ties that are located in each corner. The background is made from a rugged polyester fabric that is manufactured under strict dye-lot controls.

Impact Background Support System - 12' Wide

$20 p/d

The system consists of 2 heavy-duty professional support stands with 3 positive locking knobs and tubular legs, a sturdy 4 piece crossbar that snaps together with positive button locking devices, and a heavy-duty canvas carry bag.